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Fading Indicator Android Library

Android’s view pager is a very useful way to deal with continuous pages in single activities. Especially it’s very handy as a part of user on boarding. A navigation to view pagers is very much needed, thats where indicators come into play. They show which page or picture, you are on instantly, similar to scrollbars in lists.

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Dial Time Picker Android Library

In the process of developing my alarm app, Alarm Shuffle, I needed a different, well-designed time picker. It is one of the key components which users interact almost every time they use the app. Android Lollipop has a very sleek example of this dialog, since it’s also by far the best one between Android versions in terms of user experience, I decided to use default one in my app.

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Alarm Shuffle

Alarm Shuffle is focusing on alarm sound differentiation by shuffling every alarm’s sound from your music library. It is trying to keep you away from being tired of your favourite songs. Don’t hate the song, love Alarm Shuffle.

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ViewShot is a fun and useful new Android app that lets you leave location-based photos anywhere, ready for other users to discover next time they are near by. The photos you share can be public, viewable by all other users with the comments you leave pretty much anywhere you take your phone.

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Yurtiçinde ve yurtdışında icra edilen rap müzik hakkında kapsamlı yazılar içeren bir blog tasarlamayı uzun zamandır düşünmemin sonucu olarak omzumdateypvar ortaya çıktı.

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Toggle It

Toogle It is modern form of classic lights out games.The goal is to turn all the lights off to progress to the next level.Every time you toggle a button all the adjacent lights will be toggled on/off.Try to collect as more stars as you can againts the time so later on you can purcase perks to unlock levels.Tweet It when you unlock a level and let your friends know how you’re good at toogling.

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